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Aluminium Foil is used in multiple areas such as foods, pharmaceuticals, capping materials, and so on due to its strong blocking capacity, lightness, and excellent processability. Also, it is used in the car radiators, fin materials for air conditioners, interior and exterior materials for construction, anti-thermal materials for electronics, protectors for electric wires, and so on due to its strong anti-corrosion effect, excellent thermal conductivity, light specific gravity, and excellent plasticity. In particular, aluminium for the secondary cell is widely used in cathode collector, lead tap, pouch, and so on due to the drastic increase of its demand, globally.
We produce food packaging materials using aluminium foil that is elegant and shiny with excellent processability, damp-proofing, anti-thermal capacity, conductivity, and durability. We develop and produce sanitary food packaging materials without odor and harms for men that microorganisms cannot grow and bugs cannot penetrate. Also, we produce retort pouches with CPR film for high temperature pasteurization.
Alu-Alu cold form foil has been recognized as a global standard of pharmaceutical packaging material for tablets and capsules that requires high level of protection with formation of blister, for the past 20 years. Aluminium Foil is very effective especially for the goods that are sensitive to the environmental changes such as light and to the seasonal changes.
We produce excellent products that prevent from spoilage of contents by blocking the humidity outside; that are good for high speed packaging; and that have the heat-resistant capacity and dimensional stability without sticking powder, applying alluminium foil that has the outstanding effect of packaging household items vulnerable to light and heat. In addition, we develop and supply the packaging materials with excellent water-proofing capacity in case of storage in the refrigerator and heat-resistance and stability after filling the contents that can endure high temperature(100 – 140°C).
We develop and produce industrial packaging materials that have frequent external exposures, high-weight, and transportations applying aluminium foil with superior wear-resistance, blocking capacity, water-proofing capacity, and chemical resistance; especially the products that can protect the vulnerable contents such as industrial adhesives, special resins, and so on, and sealing tapes with water-proofing and sealing capacity.


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